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How To Order The Perfect Custom Promotional Gifts?

Corporate Gifting is the practice of gifting employees, clients, and potential business partners to strengthen business ties and encourage them to feel appreciated and respected by your brand. Under Corporate Gifting, promotional gifting is one aspect that caters to extending a token of appreciation to your receivers that is marked with your brand’s logo and identity. This helps assure your receivers their value to your brand and helps to promote your brand thus bringing in more client bases.

Importance of Promotional Gifts.

Corporate gifts leave a lasting impact on your target audience and can generate both positive and negative word-of-mouth publicity. They can create or destroy the brand’s reputation in the professional space in today’s competitive world. Therefore, it is important to get it right if you’re offering those gifts to special clients, staff, or customers. When it comes to
corporate gifts for clients or consumers, you should give it some extra thought and consideration because there are many competitive brands offering all sorts of imaginative and curated gifts these days. This might add more competition for you, and you don’t want your brand to be overlooked and eventually forgotten. Promotional Gifts on the other hand help promote your brand to the consumer market, hence it is necessary that you come up with unique ideas for small gifts that would fit everywhere and yet catch the consumer’s eyes. The common types are key-chains, customized pens, notebooks, fridge magnets, bags, luggage tags, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing The Perfect Promotional Gifts.

Since promotional gifts are intended to generate enough brand awareness to lead to sales, it is critical that you devote time and thought to them. Here are five things you should consider before making a purchase.
  1. Be sure of who the audience is for your gifts if it’s your client, employee, or customers. Based on the audience you should list down the ideal gifts while making sure that different gifts are set out for each category. This is mainly because the objectives and relationships maintained with each is different, therefore effectively plan beforehand.
  2. Do not compromise on quality. Corporate and promotional gifts help build your brand’s reputation and strengthen business ties, therefore ensure the quality of your products are good and are unique so as to set you apart from your competitors.
  3. If you are providing gifts that have everyday use outside homes, then make sure the branding is small, easy to notice, and impactful. Don’t overboard the branding on your gifts, as consumers might not consider carrying them around, like for instance a bag or an umbrella.
  4. Keep the cultural differences and traditions of the area you’ll be sending out your gifts to, in mind. It is best you make extensive research before placing an order. Avoid gender-specific gifts and designs that can entice controversy.
  5. While providing usable gifts of quality, make sure you have a decided budget before you start purchasing. Don’t overspend on gifts too much, research on the best manufacturer that will provide quality while sticking to your company’s budget.
  If these are kept in mind then you will not only satisfy your audience but also benefit from it, as the old maxim goes- ‘it is always better to spend more than to receive’.

Why Are Corporate Gifts Important For Any Business

There is an old maxim- “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”, the concept and principle of Corporate Gifting can be best encapsulated with it. Corporate Gifting is a thoughtful practice of providing gifts to clients, employees and potential business partners for strengthening relationships and to show appreciation. It acts as an excellent return-investment as it creates positive bonds with your brand and increases its reputation. Three common scenarios where corporate gifting is practiced

1. Clients

According to a latest retail study, companies have a 306% increase in value when consumers have a strong psychological bond with them. Adhering to this principle, providing gifts to your clients is a good way of strengthening trust between your current business clients. It will bring them a sense of appreciation for their business with your company and will encourage them to continue with your services.

2. Employees

The key to a successfully running company are good, loyal and hardworking employees. Hence, it is good to make them feel appreciated once in a while through gifts to promote a sense of belonging and connection and through annual recognition events to reward employees or certifications for special occasions such as employee of the day, to make them feel respected by you.

3. Future prospects

Gifting will entice people who aren’t yet customers in becoming your customers. According to a survey, 80% of customers and clients are more likely to do business with a company that provides personalized service. Sending the
right gift at the right time can be a strong motivator for potential customers to take the desired action and in return benefit your company.

The Importance of Corporate Gifting

Here are four key reasons why Corporate Gifting might be the right choice to elevate your brands reputation.

1. Makes the recipient feel valued

By providing gifts and tokens of appreciations, you assure your clients and employees that they are well respected, valued and appreciated by you. A client or an employee who thinks that they are undervalued might harm your brand as they might look for business and deals elsewhere and an employee can become less effective at work.

2. Pushes a positive work environment.

Valued and appreciated employees are likely to carry those feelings into their offices and work better and harder thus creating a positive work environment.

3. Strengthening relationships.

As mentioned earlier, the area of future prospects is a good way of increasing your market by reaching out to potential and new clients. Making deals and maintaining them will help run your business better and provide token of appreciations to existing and new clients will strengthen relationships and make them enjoy and resort to your services.

4. Help you stand out.

In today’s world of competition, it is very natural for new business or existing business to go out of business. Keeping all odds in mind, it is best to approach things while maintaining a competitive spirit. Providing gifts will not only help you with maintaining relationships but will help you stand out and entice new clients as they would believe that you are willing to take the extra mile among your competitors to make them feel appreciated and valued.  

Five Reasons Why Corporate Gifts are Important

Corporate gifts are an indispensable part as they can render endless advantages to an organization. They can enable an employer to reach out to their employees in a fun, touching, and responsive manner. Almost all the organizations out there are willing to generate long-term and solid relationships with their employees and clients. With the
best corporate gifts, you can certainly reach out to your employees and clients to display how much you value them and care about them. Although the concept of corporate gifting has been in vogue for several years, the idea seems completely striking, effective, and irreplaceable. Corporate Gifts

1. It can help the company to establish goodwill while boosting the morale of employees during difficult times

Motivating employees and rewarding them with incentives should be made an important part of your corporate culture. Employees going through adverse facets of their lives and trying times should be offered a gift without any obligation. Receiving gifts from employers can encourage your staff in the long run while increasing the percentage of employee engagement. The line, “positive things attract positive results,” denotes the importance of corporate gifts. As a result, it entails how doing good things and valuing each other’s efforts can spread positivity to an organization’s culture. Besides, it also strengthens the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility prevailing within your culture. It spreads the word that a particular company is generous and socially responsible.

2. It’s important to express your gratitude to your clients and employees

Showing your customers and employees that you appreciate and value their efforts goes a long way. You can attach a note of appreciation with the formal gift you are offering to your employee. While this is an inexpensive idea, this personal gesture can surely motivate them to perform better.

3. It can strengthen and foster corporate relationships

Expressing gratitude ensures that your relationships at the workplace are more satisfying and meaningful. Sometimes these relationships can withstand the test of adversities. While corporate can help you to build your brand’s goodwill, it is a branding tool that can enhance your company’s brand awareness campaign. Offering corporate gifts during festivities like Diwali, Dussehra, and Holi ensures you care for your employees on a personal level. However, avoid gifting your employees predictable and generic corporate gifts.

4. It helps your company’s brand to stay at the forefront of your consumer’s mind and suggestion list

A careful and meaningful gift and message like a simple “get well soon” with a bouquet of colorful petunias or lilies can help you stay in your consumers’ good books. It is the most clever yet simple way to thank your consumers. Besides, it is the most intriguing idea to leave a memorable remark on your client’s mind.

5. It can help you foster long-distance bonds

Meeting your employees during the “work from home” phase seems almost impossible. When you can’t celebrate their successful endeavors by being physically available to them, you can have their gifts delivered to their doorstep via online portals. While MNC’s prefer going to great lengths to offer personalized and luxury gift items, small businesses can do away with a unique and creative gift.

7 Facts You Should Know About Customized Gifts For Dubai

Corporate gifting has been around for years. It is the way to express gratitude and say ‘thank you’ to customers, employees, vendors, dealers and retailers, partners and associates, and other stakeholders. It is also the way to promote a brand and keep it high on the recall factor of the receiver of the gift. Customized gifts are marked with the name of the receiver or any other mark that gives the receiver a sense of belongingness. corporate gifting for Dubai Two things are essentially important when choosing an item for corporate gifting – one, its usability and, secondly, the budget.

Here are seven facts to consider when going in for customized corporate gifts in Dubai

1. Create a realistic budget

Dubai is a global city with premium and high-end shopping and entertainment districts. The emirate of UAE is popular for its high standard of living. It was ranked as the 58th most expensive city in the world in 2019. Therefore, when choosing
corporate gifting items for Dubai, it is important to keep the budget in mind. Choose your budget realistically, considering the price of items that are aligned with your brand image.

2. Usability of the items

Gifting items that are not useful for the receiver in Dubai will end up either in the bin or being re-gifted to someone else. Consider that the item has everyday relevance in the receiver’s life and is made of long-lasting material. For example, wall clocks or USBs, dairies, etc.

3. Understand the cultural sentiments of Dubai

It is always important to respect cultural differences. The corporate gifting item should be in sync with what is acceptable as a gift in Dubai. Therefore, it is a good idea to first research details about your audience’s likes and what they feel comfortable with before choosing an item. For example, if you target the native women in Dubai, you need to think of items that are not mismatched with their faith and ideologies.

4. Make the gift event-specific

If the event is a thank-you event, your corporate gift should be personalized. On the other hand, if it is a promotional event, the item should be more attuned to your organization’s corporate values and business goals. If it is a New Years’ Gift, the corporate gift needs to carry a sentimental value accordingly.

5. Stay focused on the quality

Residents of Dubai are very particular about the quality of the product that they receive as corporate gifts. Respect that thought and preference, and accordingly choose a good standard product. Do not compromise on the product quality to save a few bucks.

6. When customizing, pay attention to little details about the receiver

The essence of customized corporate gifting is that the gifts make the owner feel pride and accomplishment in receiving the gift. Keep in mind how they spell their names, whether they would feel nice if the name is written in Arabic or English, use fonts and designs popular in Dubai, etc.

7. Pay attention to the packaging

A gift is incomplete without the packaging. When picking a corporate gift, pay attention to the colors, materials, and packaging material quality. Also, in line with the gift’s quality, use a high-quality gift wrapping material.
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