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BrandCare Solutions – A Leading Display Stands Supplier In UAE

At BrandCare Solutions, we take pride in being one of the most trusted display stands manufacturers in Dubai and across the UAE. Since our inception, we have built an excellent reputation in designing and delivering high-quality display solutions tailor-made to each market and store. No matter the scale, we guarantee to deliver exceptional results at a fast and credible turnaround time.

Our success is measured through the growth of the brands we work with and the valuable relationships we build, as a quality assurance supplier of displays stands in dubai we carefully monitor the quality to ensure 100% satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Brochure rack stand

Give your customers easy access to information about your products & services with our cost effective brochure rack stands. They are portable and can be carried from the tradeshow to the boutique store. Best of all you can avoid the piles of paper experience and ensure your marketing material remains neat and organised, your customers will thank you for it.

Fiber Glass Displays

The advantage of a fiberglass display is in its flexibility to be molded into any shape.

For its lightweight range, It outperforms most of the other materials with low maintenance.

Fiberglass are durable, fire resistant, weatherproof and make your brand standby with a premium shiny finish.

Floor Standing Displays

Floor stands are portable advertising tools that come in different material, shapes and sizes.

They display information at eye-height levels and enable you to capture instant attention of the customers. You can even give your customers a touch & feel experience of the products displayed and increase the chances of conversion.

Countertop Displays

These small and cost-effective displays are very convenient and will save you both money and time. Given the difficulty of securing display space in the store, many companies use countertop displays as a platform to launch new products & services.


One of the most reliable forms of shelving structures is the gondola shelving system. They are a practical solution to display a large number of items in a limited space, ideal for stores that sell varying products and frequently need to rearrange their shop display shelving.

Window Displays

Of all the elements incorporated within visual erchandising, window displays are often the most direct in attracting potential new customers. They play a vital role in providing visually striking display of your products to gain people’s interest and are usually the first point of visual contact a consumer has with a store and the starting step of the retail experience.

A Dynamic Team of Designers & Industry Specialists Dedicated to Delivering Excellence

With a decade of rich experience & technical precision, our in-house creative team and production facilities will transform your idea into an inspiring creation.

We believe that shopping behaviour is directly impacted by the brand aesthetics in store, so we are committed to creating the most innovative display stands that would reflect an attractive image of your brand, thereby increasing the confidence of your shoppers to engage with your products and influencing their purchase decision. With BrandCare Solutions’ world-class execution, you are bound to elevate the equity of your brand in-store and develop meaningful connections with your audience.

Listening to your requirements is the best means of winning as one. Our multilingual and friendly team will listen to your individual preferences with personal care and attention to details, they work as an extension of your marketing department from idea generation to execution to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Our process is hassle-free, and we guarantee to get even the smallest details right in the first go!

As a reliable display stands manufacturer in dubai, you can expect us to deliver results fast and flawless, but what truly sets us apart is our cost-effective rates. We leave no stones unturned in delivering premium display stands at competitive rates. With free design changes and delivery, we promise to deliver unwavering commitment with every order that you place with us.

Partner with Us Today

To acquire further information about our different display solutions and create something great together, call us today at +971 4 271 1555. We are also available to answer your queries via email at [email protected]

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