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Lighters Suppliers in Dubai - Brandcare Solutions


From classic to antique and even modern designs, choose from our extensive collection of customizable lighters. Whether to light a cigarette or scented candles for that much deserved end of day warm bath, our personalized lighters are your perfect companion. Slick and stylish, they double as a statement piece and accessory. The perfect weight, you won’t even feel them in your pockets or purse as they accompany you everywhere. Need a lighter? Brandcare Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of branded lighters in Dubai and the UAE. We offer a variety of lighters in different shapes, colors and designs. With wholesale and promotional discounts on all orders, you will get the best collection of stylish lighters at very attractive prices, customized to meet your business’ needs. Let us help increase your brand awareness by printing or engraving your logo and designs on these lighters. Your Customers and employees will love them as promotional gifts and souvenirs. Choose the perfect lighter for your brand or reach out to our team for further assistance. Prime Features: 
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Variety of shapes and designs
  • Stylish

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