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7 Facts You Should Know About Customized Gifts For Dubai

Corporate gifting has been around for years. It is the way to express gratitude and say ‘thank you’ to customers, employees, vendors, dealers and retailers, partners and associates, and other stakeholders. It is also the way to promote a brand and keep it high on the recall factor of the receiver of the gift. Customized gifts are marked with the name of the receiver or any other mark that gives the receiver a sense of belongingness.

Two things are essentially important when choosing an item for corporate gifting – one, its usability and, secondly, the budget.

Here are seven facts to consider when going in for customized corporate gifts in Dubai

1. Create a realistic budget

Dubai is a global city with premium and high-end shopping and entertainment districts. The emirate of UAE is popular for its high standard of living. It was ranked as the 58th most expensive city in the world in 2019. Therefore, when choosing corporate gifting items in Dubai, it is important to keep the budget in mind. Choose your budget realistically, considering the price of items that are aligned with your brand image.

2. Usability of the items

Gifting items that are not useful for the receiver in Dubai will end up either in the bin or being re-gifted to someone else. Consider that the item has everyday relevance in the receiver’s life and is made of long-lasting material. For example, wall clocks or USBs, dairies, etc.

3. Understand the cultural sentiments of Dubai

It is always important to respect cultural differences. The corporate gifting item should be in sync with what is acceptable as a gift in Dubai. Therefore, it is a good idea to first research details about your audience’s likes and what they feel comfortable with before choosing an item. For example, if you target the native women in Dubai, you need to think of items that are not mismatched with their faith and ideologies.

4. Make the gift event-specific

If the event is a thank-you event, your corporate gift should be personalized. On the other hand, if it is a promotional event, the item should be more attuned to your organization’s corporate values and business goals. If it is a New Years’ Gift, the corporate gift needs to carry a sentimental value accordingly.

5. Stay focused on the quality

Residents of Dubai are very particular about the quality of the product that they receive as corporate gifts. Respect that thought and preference, and accordingly choose a good standard product. Do not compromise on the product quality to save a few bucks.

6. When customizing, pay attention to little details about the receiver

The essence of customized corporate gifting is that the gifts make the owner feel pride and accomplishment in receiving the gift. Keep in mind how they spell their names, whether they would feel nice if the name is written in Arabic or English, use fonts and designs popular in Dubai, etc.

7. Pay attention to the packaging

A gift is incomplete without the packaging. When picking a corporate gift, pay attention to the colors, materials, and packaging material quality. Also, in line with the gift’s quality, use a high-quality gift wrapping material.

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