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How Corporate Gifting Elevates National Day Celebrations in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates, a land known for its rich culture, historical heritage, and remarkable achievements, celebrates its National Day with great fervor and enthusiasm. Every year, on the 2nd of December, Emiratis and expatriates alike come together to commemorate the union of the seven emirates and to honor the nation’s progress and development. One significant aspect of these celebrations that has gained prominence in recent years is corporate gifting. In this article, we will delve into the role of corporate gifting in elevating National Day celebrations in the UAE and explore how corporate gifting in Dubai, in particular, has become an integral part of this festive occasion. Corporate gifts on UAE National Day also reflect a company’s commitment to actively participate in the local community. It serves as a meaningful gesture of goodwill and solidarity and reinforces a sense of unity and pride among employees and partners. When companies in Dubai adopt this tradition, they contribute to the collective spirit of the celebrations and show their commitment to the growth of the UAE.

The Significance of UAE National Day:

The United Arab Emirates National Day, celebrated on December 2nd, marks the day when the seven emirates – Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah – came together to form a united nation. This day is a source of immense pride and patriotism for the people of the UAE. The celebrations are marked by various events, parades, fireworks, and a display of the nation’s rich heritage. It’s an occasion for Emiratis and expatriates to come together to celebrate the nation’s unity, achievements, and its bright future. Moreover, the UAE National Day is an occasion to reflect on the visionary leadership that has guided the nation’s progress and prosperity. It is a time to highlight the achievements and progress in various fields and to foster a deep sense of collective identity and gratitude among the diverse population that calls the UAE home.

The Role of Corporate Gifting:

Corporate gifting plays a crucial role in enhancing the spirit of unity and camaraderie during UAE National Day celebrations. These gifts are a reflection of appreciation, respect, and goodwill, which are integral to the Emirati culture. Corporate gifting in Dubai on National Day serves several purposes:

1. Fostering Business Relationships:

Businesses in Dubai use corporate gifting as a means to strengthen their relationships with clients, partners, and associates. A thoughtful gift demonstrates gratitude and commitment to mutual success.

Corporate Gift - UAE National Day

2. Employee Recognition:

Companies often use National Day as an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of their employees. Gifting them on this special occasion boosts morale and loyalty.

3. Promoting Emirati Culture:

Corporate gifts are often infused with Emirati culture and heritage, such as traditional Arabic coffee sets, perfumes, or handicrafts. This promotes cultural awareness and appreciation among expatriates.

4. Strengthening Brand Image:

The choice of corporate gifts also reflects a company’s brand identity and values. It’s an opportunity for businesses to strengthen their brand image and showcase their commitment to the local culture.

Corporate Gifting Ideas for UAE National Day:

When it comes to corporate gifting in Dubai during National Day celebrations, there are numerous creative ideas to choose from. Some popular choices include:

1. Customized Gift Hampers:

Customized gift hampers filled with Emirati sweets, traditional spices, and a small UAE flag can be a delightful choice.

2. Branded Merchandise:

Companies often design and distribute branded merchandise like t-shirts, caps, or stationary with the UAE National Day theme.

3. Local Artisan Products:

Supporting local artisans by gifting their handmade products like carpets, pottery, or jewelry is a meaningful gesture.

4. Personalized Corporate Gifts:

Customized gifts such as engraved pens, leather goods, or tech accessories can leave a lasting impression.

5. Charitable Contributions:

Some businesses choose to make a charitable donation on behalf of their clients and employees as a way of giving back to the community.


Corporate gifting in Dubai and the UAE during National Day celebrations is more than just a formality; it’s a way of connecting with the nation’s culture and traditions, and building stronger relationships. The thoughtful selection of gifts that reflect Emirati heritage and values adds a meaningful touch to the celebrations. As the UAE continues to grow and prosper, corporate gifting will remain an essential part of National Day festivities, reinforcing the bonds of unity, respect, and goodwill. In this vibrant and diverse city, corporate gifting truly elevates the spirit of the occasion, making National Day celebrations in the UAE even more memorable.

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